Ummah Charity

La Barbe Saine is in partnership with the association of Ummah Charity and puts back to him(her) 5 % of its figure of affair(business) every month.


But who is Ummah Charity?


Created in 2010, Ummah Charity is a French humanitarian organization of international solidarity and development which aims at relieving the sufferings of the poorest populations of the world.

Besides answering the disasters and the emergency situations, Ummah Charity promotes the sustainable economic development by working beside national and international organizations but also with the local communities.

The main axis of our ONG is based(established) on the determination to help the most deprived without purebred distinction, of religion or sex.

To know about it about advantage on this magnificent association (their values, their spheres of action, their countries of intervention, their vision) and why not to be a member(be a part) of donors, you can visit directly their site: